This ongoing series consists of small textile art pieces that employ hand tatting around natural, found objects. Intuitively crafted, each piece is a mediation on my personal relationship with nature.

Hand tatting is a traditional lace-making technique. In these pieces, I use the technique in a non-traditional way, allowing the natural object and my own intuition to determine where connections are formed.

None of the natural objects I use are plucked or stolen— I take debris from the ground that is already dry. The process of tatting around these objects is careful and meditative. When pieces are brittle, a delicate hand is necessary to interact with them without breaking them. Each piece is made intuitively. I try to use my craft as a way of complimenting nature’s design, rather than intruding on it. 

Of course, idea of humanity’s impact on nature is present in this work— literally attaching a humanmade textile to a  natural object. For me, it is about creating balance and using a soft approach that becomes a conversation between myself as a maker and the natural world. Each piece relies on both the textile and the found object to make sense. One is not more important than the other. I believe that this is the kind of interaction and balance is necessary between humanity and nature. 

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